Poem, Alyson Hallett



now we have killed our parents

now we have killed our parents
we play in playgrounds
like children;

standing on our heads
tripping yo-yo's from our fingers
swinging high as we like

there is so much time and space
we'd call this place a cathedral
if we still used such words

we don't count our blessings
and we don't care about the dark;
everything's alright

even when we graze our knees
fall flat on our faces and scream
everyone plays a part here

even the ones who haven't arrived yet
if you can understand that.
we'll wear hats in winter

hats in summer
and if we want to hang upside down
with our feet in the sky

we will. this playground's a palace of paradox;
inside out and turned around
we're finally grounded where we want to be.

Alyson Hallett
June 2001.