Widescreen pictures

I have used a "widescreen" format in some of the paintings, either as a single image or broken up into a series. The widescreen format enables me to treat the street as a spectacle or a tableau. People are spread across it as if in a frieze. By isolating a markedly horizontal slice of visual experience, it recreates the sense of the framing of the view through a car windscreen, or in a rear view mirror, or out of a shop window, or sightlines cut off by an overhead canopy. This is further intensified in the multiple format, where the gaps between the images act as a further intermittent visual obstruction, framing and fragmenting what is seen. I wanted to create a sense that the scene has just been glimpsed in passing. A moment has been caught, and has impressed itself on my mind, yet I have not retained all the detail. It passed quickly.