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I am an artist currently living and working in London. This website includes a selection of my work going back over 15 years. It will evolve to include both new and older paintings.

Background to the work

Most of the work relates to my daily visual experience. Living in a city I am affected by the urban environment around me. I am interested in a painting that explores relationships, people, contemporary urban spaces.

Painting is a slow process. I find my visual experience sinks in slowly before I am ready to make a series of paintings. Often I think of the pictures in groups in which individual images relate to and re-inforce each other.

My work developed over a period of time when I was exploring the use of a less literally descriptive, painterly, figurative language. A series of paintings on the theme of the family, culminated in some large works done on the MA Fine Art course in Barcelona in 1997/8. After this I moved to London, and felt the need for a more concrete subject and specificity for my work. I turned to the immediate urban environment, and began using my own photographs as source material.

I do not attempt to replicate the conventions of photography. Increasingly I am interested in how paint translates light, and photography is a record of light.

In all representational art there is a gap between what is depicted and how it’s depicted. The peculiar pleasures of painting, for me, are all about this gap.