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A 3 page photo feature and article about my home and paintings appeared in the Observer magazine (Sunday 5 August). See the full feature here.

The photo shoot was arranged through Cavaliero Finn gallery. To coincide with the feature, Cavaliero Finn have also published an interview with me about my work. See the interview here


A place to live series, oil on plywood, 39 x 39cm each

The exhibition IN THE CITY which I curated at Lion & Lamb in 2014, is now showing at the EAST Gallery, Norwich University of the Arts from 24 July to 1 September 2018

Trevor Burgess, Mark Crofton Bell, Stephen Carter, Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howie, Matthew Krishanu, Lee Maelzer, Jock McFadyen and Tanmoy Samanta.

IN THE CITY brings together dynamic work by nine established painters working with imagery of the city and ideas around urban space in locations ranging from the UK, Canada, and the USA to Bangladesh, Myanmar and India.

More than half the worlds population now lives in cities,and artists have long represented city life in their work. In this exhibition, the ever changing urban environment is captured through the process of painting, with the artists drawing on personal experience, memories, newspaper or photographic images and transforming them through paint. I chaired an artists discussion panel at the Gallery on Friday 17 August, with Barbara Howey, Stephen Carter, Lee Maelzer and Marguerite Horner. An audio recording of the discussion is available on request.

IN THE CITY is touring to the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich University from 7 September to 24 October 2018. Private view: Tuesday 18 October 6 to 9pm.

In Deptford

This autumn I will be having a solo exhibition at a new venue, Deptford Does Art, on Deptford High Street. The exhibition will show paintings I have made of the area where I live in South East London, and is scheduled to run from 8 to 28 October 2018. Private view: Thursday 18 October 6 to 9pm.

This instead of That

Also in South East London, I will be showing work in a group exhibition, curated by Alexandra Baraitser at Lewisham Art House from 28 November to 2 December 2018. Private view: Wednesday 28 November 2018.

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